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Monday, 18 Nov 2013

EuroGlycoScience Forum

Protein glycosylation in human disease - Saturday, 22 September 14:00-17:30, Rhodes 6

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The majority of human proteins are posttranslationally modified by the addition of complex oligosaccharides (glycans). Glycans are integral part of glycoproteins and as such significantly participate in structural and functional roles of these proteins in disease mechanisms. Due to structural complexity of glycans and the absence of genetic template for their synthesis, glycan parts of glycoproteins were nearly completely ignored in the past, but recent technological advances enabled analysis of their importance in numerous disease mechanisms. Among other functions, protein glycosylation was shown to be an essential regulator of effector functions of IgG, membrane half-life of various receptors and pharmacodynamic properties of biological therapeutics. Changes in glycosylation were implicated in the progression and/or predisposition of numerous diseases including cancer, diabetes, autoimmune and infectious diseases. Recent population studies of the human glycome indicated very large variability in glycome composition between individuals which derived from both genetic background and environmental influence. Genome wide association studies of the glycome identified proteins that were previously implicated in mechanisms of several major diseases as major regulators of protein glycosylation. Glycosylation changes regulated by these genes were also previously implicated in disease mechanisms (e.g. decreased galactosylation in rheumatoid arthritis), indicating that at least part of disease relevance of these genes derives from their role in protein glycosylation. Human glycome is estimated to be several orders of magnitude more complex than the proteome, thus numerous studies will be needed to reveal the role of glycans in specific molecular processes, but even the current level of knowledge strongly supports their importance in many diseases.

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Symposium programme


Gordan Lauc
The ubiquitous importance of protein glycosylation
abstract (.docx)


Stuart Haslam
The glycobiology of infection and immunity – abstract (.docx)


Falk Nimmerjahn
Modulation of IgG function by Fc glycosylation – abstract (.docx)


coffee break


Uli Scherer
Glycosylation changes in autoimmune diseases – abstract (.docx)


Pauline M. Rudd
Glycans as Disease Biomarkersabstract (.docx)


Round table discussion
The importance of protein glycosylation

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